Bath w/ Frozen Cat

by edgar clinks

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released February 8, 2016

Will Niedmann - drums
Kyle Gilbride - additional guitar/bass/vocals
Engineered/Produced/Mixed by Kyle Gilbride at Wherever Audio in Folcroft, PA
Mastered by Andy Clarke in Philadelphia



all rights reserved


edgar clinks Providence, Rhode Island

dropping dead
moment now

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Track Name: Husk Cherry
eating mostly everything
walking thru the garden
towards my own time & space
neither stopping nor starting

rubbing ice cubes on my hot face
under the sky where the weather leaks
just chewing incessantly
responding to my own speech

[[my pet crow gets older
on the blade of my shoulder
infinitely exhuming
either writhing or blooming]]

the cat is frozen in the bath
like the raccoon in the walkway
staying busy is no small task
when yr alone all day

husk cherries in a sauce pan
eating mostly everything
finding bugs in the dust pan
just chewing incessantly
Track Name: Amulet Glow
yuve got Beaches & Canyons
on fern-green cassette
( & that’s cool )
thru toil & trouble
yr macbook just bubbles
or soothes

yuve got Infinite Jest
on yr loveseat’s armrest
( & that’s kinda cool )
yr profile picture
is overexposed
& maroon

so baked //
Mike Kelly retrospective, hazily inept
i guess i’m disconnected
bogus glowing amulet

lip sync Elvis Costello
perched atop
yr too-tall bar stool
feign acrobatic
& tiptoe
along the nighttime tide-pool

what’re you thinking
i’m coasting
i’m sinking // impaired
only comfy when i'm dreaming
or self unaware
i've finally focused
i've hocus'd i've pocus'd complete
my face dissipating w/ each new person i meet
Track Name: Doolittle Tattoo
o' no not me yr crowding up my head
making me feel anxious: yellow, teal, & red.
& I’ve got a thick skull to hit against the wall
the squeakiness of styrofoam & a half a pack of Paul Mall’s in my coat
beloved barista, yr crosses are upturned
Holyoke mountaineer moved to Prov to get a sunburn
(in the afternoon deface the monument
sitting on the front lawn with yr spray-paint cans)
what did I just see there?
wheat grass from a shot glass
yr sitting in the juice bar
tying up yr green hair
seven days of sadness
a weekend to relax
driving in yr sea foam car
fingers pressed to yr Doolittle tattoo
sewer-drain sangria, circling the room now
well hello nice to see you raising all these eyebrows
i look at you so fondly, the walls wax & wane
then I’m jumping from the counter, crowd doesn’t change
orange juice / so many pills, eucalyptus lip balm
indoor floor sudden flood / going insane & keeping so calm
vitality alas in the garage unless we sink into the snow
squeakiness of styrofoam alone half-alpaca pall malls in my coat
(hit the corner like a potted plant
devour several hours talking about some kraut-rock band )
what did I just see there?
Seagrams from a wine-glass
yr sitting in the corner
tying up yr green hair
seven days of sadness
some fat-weed to relax
driving in yr sea foam car
volume up to yr Pinkerton CD
Track Name: Tiny In All That Air
Friday, in the middle of the arcade
you were taking off yr rollerblades
& wiggling around

Appear too soon
I was unfastening my parachute
started looking for some gum to chew
saw some stuck to the ground
thought: no one’ll know

Saturday: is this pumpkin butter homemade?
you were sojourning in the everglades
that infinite sound

Day to day, I feel fatigued by yr energy
I’m just looking for somewhere to sleep
the roof or the ground
I wouldn’t know

Back-brace, all-that-you-can-eat mall buffet
we’ve been eating it since yesterday
an infinite growl

a stolen car, we park behind the graveyard
& start summoning a mystic czar
a real life ghost

[[[ with each natural disaster, i’m coming over after
the coldest ground

& nothing feels like home yet, so, i’m throwing on my fishnets
& walking around ]]]

Sunday, i feel enamored by yr mystery
yr occult sensibilities
yr infinite sound.

Finally, yr shiftiness is alchemy
it’s always ecstasy or tragedy
the boat on the ground
& you would know
Track Name: Pale Case
the sunlight beats me up
Track Name: Pentagram
i just want to carve a pentagram in its thick brown bark