i live in a tree these days

by edgar clinks

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released September 16, 2016

joe // pat // sean

Engineered / Produced by Mike Hlady & Dan Seiders at Hanging Horse Studio in Norwood, MA.

brendan thomas
james kelly
kathryn kolouch



all rights reserved


edgar clinks Providence, Rhode Island

dropping dead
moment now


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Track Name: Astroturf Universe
as we're fuck'd up fantastically
the weeknd goes by so hastily

i've got my eye on my laptop screen
& only say things sarcastically

as we're fuck'd up fantastically :)))))))))))
yu contradict me emphatically

playing pokemon go on the quad

who's the one who told yu that? (idk)
yu sit there w/ yr tin-can makeshift telephone

a natural progression
point a ---> point b

(a microwave oven)
sasquatch ---> euripides

(( this won't
last long ))
Track Name: Algal Bloom
All morning at the saw mill
Slicing cigarettes in half
You take the holy fast track
Drinking half-caff

Standing idle on the treadmill
smoking cigarettes in Gold’s Gym
To take the rolling knoll path
towards some
// iconoclast // aristocrat //
// overeager // psychopath //

Yr self-portrait saponifies
I’m telepathy personified
[ yu look at me like I’m
the weirdest guy in the room ]

Soaking up every second of limelight
A cloud in the ocean, a red tide
[ i jump in the water
submerge in algal bloom ]

Cultivating seaweed in the bathtub
Whip out a cig, ask if i want one
& then we hop into yr gondola
my arms are tired (from flying) so yu offer to row

Eating Paleo at lunchtime
Think we’re changing up some paradigm
We can barely whistle, smoking joint after joint
Then napping on the shoreline
Track Name: MALLRAT
tattoo yrself,
it's two in the morning.

w/ the bellboy & the tourists
yr a MALLRAT in a mushroom-alter'd forest.

(( & yr lighter than air. ))

tattoo yrself,
it's two in the morning.

the sidewalk is
a fitting landing strip.

yr passed out
// frostbit // starlit //

"when yr dreamboat
turns out to be a footnote" **

yr a mallrat
making eyes w/ the florist.

** (Costello, 1983)
Track Name: As My Daydreams Swim By
Move further
Wire & Mission of Burma
Feeling drunk from yesterday
The xylophone cannot be played
Because I’m not the fastest learner

Yuve got it all wrong
I’m not a chain-smoking know-it-all
Ah my daydreams swim by
dressed as some anonymous passerby this time
I hold my hand high, they don't even say “what’s up” !

Shine with a dimly lit fervor
Lighting yr cigarette / the stove top burner
Each clock in the apartment bursts
Time will stop & then reverse
Lighting yr cigarette / the plane’s afterburner

Smell of lamprey on my fingers
Asleep in Cambridge, I see yu thru the window
Clasp me in yr handkerchief
To be wiped away’s a grate relief
Am I actually a shitty person?

Yuve got it all wrong
I’m not a chain-smoking know-it-all
As my daydreams swim by
I’m waving my arms, sitting on the sea-wall
Can ya see me at all? Yu don't even say “what’s up” !
Track Name: & cherry alive
Where to go
as the day unfolds?
If i just had a moment alone
i would know what the world knows

An idea makes my head explode
Where to go as the day unfolds?
Clasp hands like it’s nice outside
[[too drunk]] & cherry alive

Unhook all that’s stale & cold
Where to go if I’m too old?
If i just had a moment alone
i’d understand the world...who knows?

Barefoot in late July
to be scared & not know why
the sunlight has taken its toll
where to go as the day unfolds

indecision has taken its toll
where to go if i’m too old
Track Name: A Certain Slant of Sunlight
I’ve got one too many
A certain slant of sunlight
over the bonsai tree

Why not come & sit with me
An old suitcase fill’d to the brim with weed
Roll cigs on the tractor
As the shitzus just play with the sheep

I’ve got one too many
Scour all the hippie communes
just to find me

Why not come & eat with me?
At a shitty diner on route 133?
Roll cigs on the table
As we wait fr our eggs & coffee
Track Name: Sea-Shell Choker
Fucked up, the good kind
A clam-bake, a campfire

Sea shells on his neck
they choked’m, he liked it

Treat the day like a landslide
made of foam

I didn’t want to
stay awake, I had to

In Sanskrit, you admit
yr too stoned, yr starlit

Dirt sticks, to my skin
in my grave, my sweat stains

A garden in yr kitchen
It’s a good way of living

Fucked up, the best kind
Amphetamines, lets go outside

Treat the night like a snakebite
& a yawn

Come with me somewhere
I’ve never gone
Track Name: Acid Green
It’s a version of moving that nobody pictures
We’re twisting the years into difficult shapes
It’s a suburban heart-ache, a perfect enigma
Restlessly roving & just wasting time

all this mystical business //
all this mystical business that’s been
taking up yr weekend nights
It’s gyrating funny // doesn’t quite feel right

blankness in blankets // groans in droves
introduce myself over the phone
there’s always a distance too remote
staying silent is hurting my throat

After drinks we’ll just start rowing
Towards where the river starts to open up
The current takes us to another moment
where the water’s not so ruff

It’s the typical letdown that nobody pictures
deeply enticing & all acid green
It’s a fantastic haircut from breakfast to lunchtime
A deep breath of spray-paint from a paper bag

I’ve been seeping deep into the region
All the hours get squished into one
I’ve been feeling more like a heathen
flying closer & closer to the sun
Track Name: the last cab in Berlin
Sugar-coated: holy cow, I think we’ve got one
Oh, I’m devoted, this sailboat will get moving soon
Holy motor: holy cow, I think we’ve beat the sunrise
Where’d you go then? You put yr phone down & then just walk away

That’s the part I thought I got
That’s the part I wish yude tell about
That’s the moment I knew
all the locals hated me.

Re-imagine a swimming pool in the cobblestone of Kreuzberg
My spirit slithers from my bedroom to the shrouded verdant Görlitzer
Im underwater -- European mayonnaise lathers chicken
Where do I go then? Mid-afternoon & I’m still sitting in the breezeway
Track Name: Water Shrew
after that
we'll climb the roof of the mall.
(( like i used to ))

dropping coins
watching them fall
(( lol fish food ))

stickers all
over the wall
(( i'm used 2 it ))

mornings can't come
quick enuff
these days
snorkeling alone
i like ( ? ) that sort of thing
cold papaya in spring
a world of glowing instincts

after that
sit on the front porch
eating chinese food
fucking around w/
a beer can
that's split in two
slice the palm
of my own hand
but i'm used to it

& yu
don't touch yr

& i
shrink to the size of a
water shrew